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I’ve been trialing Datameer this week and watched a webinar they just presented together with Hortonworks. There are a few things that stood out to me during this trial and the presentation that I wanted to point out:

  1. It is interesting to me that the Hadoop platform has a lot of power and flexibility, but still enough gray space that there are a number of commercial for-profit organizations that build successful business models around Hadoop
  2. I really like the Data Scientist-centric focus of Datameer
  3. Adding authentication, authorization and auditing as well as the analytics is a key enabler for enterprises looking for a Big Data solution
  4. The use of chords, sankey, heat maps, etc. combined with the data discovery navigator is what data scientists are looking for

Take a look at the slide below from Datameer … Notice the focus on both Analytics as well as Business “Infographics”, not “business intelligence”:


I really like that because I’ve been trying to message the difference between traditional BI and Big Data Analytics. I think that Datameer has done an outstanding job of getting that message across.

With Big Data Analytics, your target audience is more advanced than the general business knowledge user that you find in today’s self-service business intelligence portals and dashboards.

This also helps to clearly demonstrate the business value proposition of Big Data which adds (does not replace) traditional data warehouse approaches.


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