Big Data Analytics Visualizations – Look for Anamolies

When considering data visualizations specific to Big Data Analytics scenarios, there are a few important factors to consider that are different than decision factors that you may be used to in traditional business intelligence and analytics projects:

  1. Your target audience will most likely be data scientists primarily, as opposed to knowledge workers. Data scientists are very, very different animals than knowledge workers. They are much more analytical, curious and in search of patterns as opposed to individual KPIs than KWs.
  2. Consider switching your perspective of what you are looking to accomplish with reporting on Big Data vs. general business data. General BI solutions are based on dashboards with KPI report cards and pie / bar / line charts that are presenting key data points that are related to specific business objectives. In Big Data Analytics, you will need to find interesting, interactive ways to represent very large clustered data that indicates patterns, anti-patterns and outliers such as Pentaho has done with specific Big Data Analytics visualization tools:



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