UPDATE: Building Analytical Models in Pentaho

As a quick update to my previous blog post on mechanisms to auto-generate Mondrian cubes using Pentaho, I’ve included a brief 10-minute video on how to modify and enhance the auto-generated models and then publish those back to the Pentaho BA server to share with the rest of your organization as a BI Solution here.

One more update to that post that I want to point out … I specifically called-out a command-line option to call the REST API that will pull out the Mondrian XML schema for your cube and stream it to a text file for advanced editing.

However, in the video I used a browser-based mechanism that works just the same, saving the XML file in my downloads folder. To do this, use a URI such as this: http://localhost:8080/pentaho/plugin/data-access/api/datasource/analysis/foodmart/download. In that URI, change “foodmart” to the name of the schema that you wish to export and edit.


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