ADF Data Flows Preview Updates for February

Here are the latest updates for ADF (Mapping) Data Flows preview for February:

  1. We are still requiring whitelisting to enable the feature in your data factories. Sign-up for Mapping Data Flows in ADF here.
  2. We have moved the Data Flows preview feature into the general ADF V2 factory service. So now when you want to create Data Flows, you do not need to select the Preview service. You can create Data Flows in your V2 factories:v2dataflowportal
  3. All new features, updates, and bug fixes for ADF Data Flows will all only occur in ADF V2. The Preview version of ADF with Data Flows is being deprecated.
  4. If you are using Data Flows on the preview version, please migrate those over to ADF V2. If you would like assistance in migration, please send an email.
  5. You will no longer need to stand-up Azure Databricks clusters. ADF will handle cluster management for you on-demand. More detail is available at our public Azure docs site here.
  6. Data Flow samples have been into the new ADF Template Gallery:Data Flow options
  7. New datasets have been introduced to provide a finer-grained data flow understanding of data for transformation. Click here to read about the new Parquet and Delimited Text datasets.
  8. New capabilities have been added to Source and Sink transformations including auto-detect data types, move or delete source files after execution, query statements, wildcards, and truncate:
    1. Source Transformation
    2. Sink Transformation
  9. The Execute Data Flow transformation can now support parameterized datasets and allows you to pick the size of cluster that you wish to use for your data flow execution.


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