About Kromer Big Data

I’ve been focused on business customer solutions in business intelligence, Big Data and data warehouse designs for the past 20 years. In this blog, we’ll focus on Big Data Analtyics. My hope is that everyone will benefit from these discussions and through our community. Enjoy! Best, Mark Kromer http://www.linkedin.com/in/markkromer


  1. Hi Mark,

    Recently came across some of your blogs on converting SSAS AdventureWorks model to Mondrian. Great set of details.

    I recently started dabbling on Mondrian/Pentaho, and would like to explore – if you could share any converted Mondrian Schema (XML), for the Adventureworks SSAS model.

    I have been able to convert the database using SQLExpress to MySQL (my choice of database(, however I don’t have an immediate access to a SQL Server standard version, which I need to convert the schema using your command line utility.

    Even an incomplete/starting model would be great. I’m trying to setup a POC on how to work with Mondrian/Pentaho replacing existing SSAS capability.

    Will look forward to hear from you.


    – Sujit

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