ADF Data Flow Preview: Interactive Debug Sessions

The Microsoft Azure Data Factory team is very excited to announce the new Interactive Debug capability in ADF Data Flow (preview) is now live!

When you create a new ADF V2 (with data flow preview) factory, or launch the UI for an existing Data Factory with Data Flows, you will now see a Debug switch directly on your Data Flow design surface.


Switching that on will put you in interactive debug mode, connected live to your Azure Databricks cluster in a Notebook-style interactive session, so that you can watch your data live as you build your data transformations.

It is very useful to use this mode to test out your transformation functions and settings, without the need to switch back and forth between Data Flow and Pipeline testing in ADF.

The Debug Mode also includes data profiling stats about your data to help you understand your data as you transform it:



For more information, please see the online documentation and getting started videos below. If you’d like to request access to the ADF Data Flow preview, please fill out this form.


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